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Welcome to my Yule letter/pimp post!


Basically-- if you're writing fic for me, I love you.

You'll notice I throw a lot of ideas out-- feel free to take one, take many, take none. I always have lots of ideas floating around, and I know how hard it can be to come up something once the assignments come in. So I'm offering options, just to give you an idea of what's going on in my head.

Other General Info:

I like: Plot, adventures, banter and dry humor, nerdly things like zombie apocalypses and NPR, over the top AUs, power-play, gen, slash, femslash, het, any rating under the sun (for violence OR sex), interesting narrative voices and/or concepts, women and characters of color

I don't like: Deathfic, gratuitous angst, character-bashing, introspective character pieces

THE REQUEST: Marvel Noir (Luke Cage)
I love Luke Cage Noir, and want moar. Preferably involving mysteries and also Jessica Jones. My OTP in the normal universe, and a Luke/Jess noir story would KILL ME with the love. Also, some more mining of the racial disparity as seen in the Luke Cage Noir series wouldn't go astray either. But regardless, if there is a detective/mystery story involved, DO WANT.

Pretty much. I love noir stories, and Luke Cage works as one of the better Marvel Noir comics because he doesn't rely on his powers much and his canonical 616 background can easily be incorporated into a noir-ish setting. I love the women he works with-- so if you'd like to introduce Misty Knight, Colleen Wing or (ESPECIALLY) Jessica Jones, I would be amazed. They don't have to be in a pairing with him (actually, I sort of ship Misty/Colleen), but Plucky Female Detectives or Femme Fatales would be pretty rock solid. On the other hand, I would prefer you didn't include Danny Rand. I like the guy, but his backstory is orientalizing on a good day without setting him in a 1930s-style story.

The Fandom: Marvel Noir is a series of what-if comics setting the Marvel heroes in noir-ish settings, either as the detectives or the criminals. Luke Cage is my favorite, partially because I just have a giant crush on the man, and partially because I think he's one of the few heroes who doesn't need a lot of tweaking to be a good detective. The Luke Cage Noir mini-series explores (some) race issues, but it's not very deep and mostly just establishes the character, following him trying to find his ex-girlfriend and going after some gangsters.

THE REQUEST: Shin Petship of Horrors (Woo-Fei Rau)
No one writes Woo-Fei, okay? Just write me some Woo-Fei being all mafia-ish, and maybe having UST with Count D, and I'll be happy. Plotty gen is a bonus, but I wouldn't mind sooooome sexual chemistry with D (much to Woo-Fei's eternal chagrin).

I do not understand why no one writes about Woo-Fei. Yes, He's not Leon, but that's because he's totally different from Leon. Maybe this is just my deep and abiding love for organized-crime-types, but I love the idea that he's trying so hard to run this criminal empire and things keep slipping through his fingers because D decided to move in. If you want to go with a coda from the manga, you could do something silly like him eating those super-fertility eggs that D accidentally supplied a baker with and getting himself pregnant (I don't normally like mpreg, but I kind of love the idea of Woo-Fei just having to deal with something totally ricockulous because he keeps having to spend time with D). Or there's always another assassination attempt, or some other mafia-like plot. But with added ~magic~ craziness because D has a vested interest in keeping Woo-Fei alive.

The Fandom: A manga about a sinister magic petshop, with a proprietor who may be male, female or both. The character I'm requesting comes from the sequel series, which, I'll be honest is a lot less tense than the original. But it's a fun read-- vaguely shoujo, with a lot of weird magical creatures who fulfill things the their new owners never really knew they needed and sometimes cause as much harm as good. It's also very pretty. You can find some of the second series on MangaFox.

THE REQUEST: The Kane Chronicles (Carter, Sadie)
If you want to write Carter/Sadie, I will be shocked, awed and extremely pleased. (Yes, I'm a disturbing pervert, I'm aware). Otherwise, something gen and plotty will do just fine! I'd like something involving them learning how to be a family, because they're pretty much all they have left. Or them tracking down and hunting Egyptians monsters. Or, hell, a crossover with Percy Jackson, since we're probably never going to get that in the books.

Yeah, Carter and Sadie being Carter and Sadie. Seriously, I do ship them a little because apparently fandom has warped me to the point that familial bonds look shippy (in that "they're nearly strangers learning how to be close!" sort of way), so if you're as perverse as me go RIGHT AHEAD. If you're not, though, feel free NOT to ship them. I understand that I'm a horrible person already. Feel free to write something plotty and adventure-like, with them hunting down a monster/demon. Or just something where they're feeling out their new relationship with each other and trying to learn how to be real siblings after only seeing each other once a year and being completely envious of how the other one lives. Or! If you have read one or both of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series (PJ and the Olympians or Heroes of Olympus) and are moved to cross them over, go for it. I always wondered how badly Percy's brain would break when confronted with the obvious truth that the Greek Gods aren't the only ones-- especially since Carter and Sadie were warned about Manhattan and its gods early on.

The Fandom: A pair of biracial siblings run around the world and then take a roadtrip across the US to stop the Egyptian god of evil from building a creepy pyramid and taking over the world. I consider this one of my "gimme" fandoms-- if you weren't matched on it, but aren't too sure of the fandom you were matched on, this is a short YA novel. It'll take a couple hours, max to read, and it's lots of fun, especially if you have any interest in mythology.

THE REQUEST: Sisters of the Raven Series (Summer Concubine, Raeshaldis, Foxfire Girl, Red Silk Lady)
Mainly, I just like all the ladies. You only have to write one or two of them, really-- don't strain yourself trying to get them all into one fic, unless you really really want to! Orin/Summer is the bookTP, obviously, but I also ship Summer/Foxfire a little bit. Raeshaldis/Jethen's also a pretty awesome pairing, and the books ended just as they started getting cozy. Or, if you prefer less in the way of romantical ideas, Shaldis and Summer Concubine (et al) trying to start up a new magic academy for women is an awesome idea, or anything else adveturous taking off from the end of the second book. I also wouldn't mind a prequel-- Summer Concubine or Red Silk Lady learning they had magic and figuring out what to do with it, for instance.

If you got this fandom, you can pretty much do anything you want as long as you don't write some introspection piece. I'd much prefer something plotty-- even if you write romance, I'd prefer it be, like Summer Concubine finding a way to tell Orin she has magic, or Shaldis and Jethen riding off to save some people and figuring out how to be a couple than just romance by itself. I'd love more exploration of the universe too-- more about how it changed since the magic changed and how people deal with it and monsters they have to fight to put back in their boxes.

Like I said-- you only have to write one or two of the characters requested, so don't push yourself if you can't come up with something long and plotty that involves them all. (Bonus points if you can, though.) If you want to do something avant-garde and write it as an archeological or folklore discussion from ages in the future, or a legend being passed own or something, there will be cookies.

The Fandom: A two book series about a world where women were oppressed and men had magic-- until everything changed and men's magic started to fade. it's got some pretentiously ~fantasy~ elements, but it's a really interesting series with a lot of well-rounded female characters. The first book, in particular, is particularly well-constructed with a multi-layered plot that combines world-building, interpersonal tension and a new style of fantasy world very well.

I hope that helps some. Good luck and, above all, have fun.


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