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Welcome to my Yule letter/pimp post!


If you're writing fic for me, I love you.

You'll notice I throw a lot of ideas out. They're options, so you know the sorts of things I enjoy, rather than everything that I will be fussed if you don't include in the fic. I'm not a fussy type.

Other General Info:

I like: Plot, adventures, banter and dry humor, over the top AUs, gen, slash, femslash, het, any rating, interesting narrative voices and/or concepts.

I don't like: Deathfic, gratuitous angst, character-bashing, introspective character pieces.

THE REQUEST: The F Plus (Any)
Write me anything!

Preferably in tone with the canon. (I mean, if you want to write tone-inapproriate suicide fic, far be it from me to stop you). I love the Ridiculists, and would read basically anything that you wanted to come up with. I'd love it if it were terrible, but terribly enthusiastic. But I will also enjoy a well-written fic ABOUT terrible things.

Really, I'd be all over, say, Acier and Isfahan's secret furry love, for example. If you wanted to take that "botched love spell" from Hocus Bogus and run with it-- or any other plot thread about the Ridiculists relationships. Or Bunnybread's voice secretly seducing all the other Ridiculists.

I don't know. I just want charmingly ironic, self-aware fic about people who read terrible fanfiction and other things on the internet. It doesn't have to be terrible fic, or fic about terrible fic. You could pick up on in jokes and make them into a fic, or write about Lemon's adventures hunting awful things through the sordid depths of the internet.

The Fandom: The F Plus: Terrible Things, Read With Enthusiasm is a podcast that does exactly what it says on the tin. They find ridiculous forums posts or fanfiction or fetishes and read them out loud. They have a different theme every week(ish), and there are recurring readers with various quirks.

Episodes can be found at TheFPl.us

THE REQUEST: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers | Ronin Warriors (Xiu Lei Huang | Kento Rei Fang)
How is Shin not a character? I love Xiu/Shin with Shin being snarktastic and Xiu being smug and solid and dependable. But, honestly, anything with Xiu would be great.

I used to frequent the Minkland archive back when this fandom still kinda existed, and was forever disappointed that the skinny pretty boys got tons and tons of fic and Xiu was just sort of there in the background. (If you used to read Mink and Jink's fic, I will be so happy I could cry if I got that sort of cracked-out porny fic with Xiu, okay.

FTR, I don't care if you use the American or the Japanese names and continuity, since I'm familiar with both, as long as you stay consistent.

My only real deal-breaker is uselessly "girly" Shin (you know the type-- the sobbing and passive and helpless uke). It's so damn common and I don't know if people got it from his lovely British accent, powder blue armor or what, but I like him being butch and somewhat sarcastic if he shows up (whether for shippy reasons, or just ensemble fic).

I like found-family fic, gen-ish mysteries and adventures, and curtainfic. Futurefic is also awesome.

If you used to read Mink and Jink's fic, I will be so happy I could cry if I got that sort of cracked-out porny, possibly AU fic with Xiu, okay
Fics I especially enjoyed from that archive:
The Grand One
The Clit Club Chronicles
The Harem
Vinyl Wagashi
Cherry Zima Threesome
Theater of Magic

Due to that formative influence, if you want to GO FOR THE AU, GO FOR IT WITH GUSTO. I've always wanted nanshoku/samurai AU (see this image). Or, you know, hooker fic, or dark!troopers fic, or harem fic or something like that.

My usual ships are Shin/Xiu, Shin/Ryo, Touma/Seiji and Ryo/Nasuti. But I multiship and am willing to run with anything-- I'm a Sex With All Teammates sort of person, so fivesomes and alternate pairings are not a problem for me.

The Fandom: Ronin Warriors, known in Japan as Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (lit. "Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers"), is a Japanese anime series and manga adaptation created by Hajime Yatate. It's the story of five teenage boys, given mystical armor to protect the world from the evil Arago. 1000 years ago, Arago nearly succeeded in taking over the human world when Kaosu managed to defeat him. Although Arago's soul is banished to the demon world, his armor is left intact. Kaosu divided the armor into nine separate armor suits. Each armor will choose its bearer, and together they will fight Arago. At least that was the original intent... Although Arago manages to corrupt four sets of the armor, the last five remain safe.

The bearer of these fives suits of armors are called Samurai Troopers. They are Rekka no Ryo, Korin no Seiji, Kongo no Shuu, Suiko no Shin, and Tenku no Touma. Each represents an element of nature and is infused with a Confucian Virtue.

It's a bit like Power Rangers, only grounded in more serious traditional Japanese cultural trappings. Being created in the 80s, the art style is a little wonky, but it's an enjoyable thriller show, and somewhat more focused and serious than a lot of sentai shows tend to be.

The subtitled anime is here, if you are willing register for their forums. The dub is here.

THE REQUEST: Winx Club (Stormy, Icy, Darcy)
I love the Trix. They're complete assholes, but I've always liked their HBIC attitudes, especially in the first season. Actually, I specifically enjoy the first season most-- they're still students, even if they're total Mean Girls, and clearly plotting to take over the world. They also don't really spend the first season fighting over guys the way they do later on; Darcy's stealing Riven notwithstanding, of course. They don't fight each other).
I'd love pre-series fic about how they met and became this force to be reckoned with at Cloudtower. Or maybe you could explain what the difference between witches and fairies is (besides that one group is evil and has awesome eyeshadow, and the other dresses like hookers and have wings). I'm also a femslash fan, so pairing fic with the three of them would be great.
I also really like the Winx, regardless of their terrible fashion sense. If you want to write a plotty adventure pitting the Trix against the Winx, or where the two groups have to reluctantly team up, that'd be amazing. Tecna, Musa and Bloom are my favorite Winx, for the record. I like Stella and Flora too, but their both a little girly for my tastes. Also, I ship Tecna/Musa a lot.
Finally, I'd also enjoy an AU where the Trix managed to actually defeat everyone at the end of Season one. What happens then?

My original version of this request was just "Nom nom nom sympathetic, character-building femslash that doesn't involve them fighting over a dude."

I would love world-building fic, but if you want to write trashy femslash porn, or gen adventures, or them beating up underclassman-- ALSO awesome.

The Fandom: Winx Club is an animated television series directed, created, and produced by Iginio Straffi and his company Rainbow S.r.l.-- it's the the first Italian cartoon to be sold in the U.S. According to Iginio Straffi's website, "Winx Club is an action and fantasy show combined with comedic elements. In the mystical dimension of Magix, three special schools educate modern fairies, ambitious witches and supernatural warriors, and wizards from all over the magical universe."

It's sort of like an Italian Sailor Moon with weirder clothes and sillier plots. The main characters are five (six in later seasons) teenage girls who go to a school for fairies to learn how to control their powers. Over the course of the series, they unlock their transformations and battle the forces of darkness. The first season (which is my favorite) follows Bloom, a human girl who learns she's an adopted fairy and forms the Winx Club, a group of friends. The Trix are the main villains, attempting to steal the source of Bloom's power and basically take over the entire world of Magix.

It's about as cheesy as it sounds, and the art style takes some getting used to, but if you like silly kid's cartoons, give the show a try. You can find it streaming here.

THE REQUEST: Iron Fey Series - Julie Kagawa
I love Meghan. I mean, I like her in the way that I really really want her to be more bad ass than she is. Like, I love most of the characters in the series and sort of want to run away with them into a better plot. I love all of the iron fey stuff, but the love triangle stuff drives me up and down walls, and I really mostly just want some coming-of-age for Meghan that doesn't involve worrying about/pining over/being in love with Ash and/or Rob.

I mean, I don't mind her being in love with Ash, I like Ash! I just want him to stop being the center of her universe. (Which is not to say I don't want Ash around, I love that he's always the damsel in distress. Damsel in distress!Ash is my favorite sort.)

I love the adventure parts, and the negotiating with fey and generally the plotty part of the series, so if you want to write gen adventure fic, that's awesome. I mean, if you want to write about Meghan and Ash's first time, or being romantically fey or something, that's all great.

I also love traditional faerie lore, so if you want to incorporate traditional folklore into the stories-- or folklore from someplace other than the vaguely British-esque stuff that it's the books, I'd be all over that too.

Basically, I actually really enjoy all the twists and turns the plots take, even when the twists are telegraphed for two and a half books. Betrayals and contracts and adventures are the lifesblood of faerie stories, and that's honestly my favorite part of the books.

Which doesn't mean you can't write me first time fic with magic powers going haywire or something instead.

The Fandom: A Harlequin young adult series (yes, I know) about a teenage girl who learns that she is the daughter of Oberon and a mortal woman. She is sprirted away to Faerie. She must rescue her four year old half brother, Ethan, a la Labyrinth by winning her way in the heart of a new kingdom of fey-- the Iron kingdom, a kingdom no one wants to admit exists because by their very nature, the iron fey poison traditional faerie. On the way, she falls in love with the youngest son of Queen Mab, Queen of the Winter Court. Once they've won their way to the end and defeated the Iron King, well... there's a sudden power vacuum at the heart of the Iron Court.

There are two sets of series, one with Meghan at the heart, and a second with her brother Ethan (now grown to 16) as the perspective character. The first is Iron King, Iron Daughter, Iron Queen, and Iron Knight. The second is The Lost Prince and Iron Traitor, with a third, untitled book forthcoming.

There's a lot of fascinating characters and adventures and betrayals, if you don't mind the Harlequin romance bits.

I think they're fairly easy to get your hands on, via libraries and bookstores.

I hope that helps some. Good luck and, above all, have fun.